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“It’s Poppin in St Maarten 2022” was a huge success and THANK YOU to everyone who has traveled with us.

IPISM created to provide an exciting travel experience for Urban Professionals from the United States and beyond.

Our messaging will focus on the fact that St Maarten is truly a “safe” Caribbean destination to travel.

St Maarten; “The Fun Island”, is the most multicultural of all the Caribbean Islands with the best restaurants, beach bars, and vibrant nightlife. Once you arrive, you will find a lifestyle and a vacation experience very different from other tropical destinations.

Some of the activities that will be scheduled throughout this event are:

  • Welcome Reception

  • Morning Worship

  • Beach Parties

  • Karaoke Night

  • Cigar Bars & Rollings

  • Guided Steps around the Island

  • Day / Pool Parties

  • Sunset Cruises

  • Bid Whist/Domino/Spades tournaments

  • Catamaran Cruises

  • ​Casino Tours

  • Culinary Excursions

  • Beach Excursions

  • Island Excursions

  • Nightly Entertainment

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